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18/12/2011 03:38

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Long Flat Balls movie


Petter JГёrgensen
Vivi Haug
Henrik Morken Nielsen
Kai Helge Hansen
Jan Edgar Fjell
Frode Lie
Anders Fjell
Eirik Tobiassen
Roman Roth

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Actors: Jan Edgar Fjell: Edgar Frode Lie: Freddy Kai Helge Hansen: Kai Henrik Morken Nielsen: Helge Eirik Tobiassen: Karsten. Long Flat Balls (movie, soundtrack) - ulike.net Long Flat Balls (2006, Norway) is a movie linked with Kjetil Bjerkestrand, Eirik Tobiassen and Pl Sparre-enger. The top Lange flate ballr II (Long Flat Balls II) quotes selected by the Rotten Tomatoes community. Amazon.com: Long Flat Balls ( Lange flate ballr ) [ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.2 Import - Norway ]:. . Actors: Jan Edgar Fjell Eirik Tobiassen Frode Lie Kai Helge Hansen Anders Fjell Petter Jrgensen Henrik Morken Nielsen Lange flate ballr II (Long Flat Balls II) - Movie Reviews. Director : Harald Zwart. Release date March 14, 2008; in genre(s) Comedy, War. When they are submitted to the annual exercise in. When Norway is threatened by a disaster, the six garage workers from Lange flate ballr will have to return. Long Flat Balls, Lange flate ballr: Movies & TV. Long Flat Balls (2006) - IMDb Director: Bjrn Fast Nagell, Harald Zwart. Actors: Jan Edgar Fjell: Edgar Petter Jrgensen: Petter Anders Fjell: yvind Eirik Tobiassen: Karsten Kai. Amazon.com: Long Flat Balls ( Lange flate ballr ) [ NON-USA. Tagged in sport, drama, comedy. Magnolia's Site - Buy Long Flat Balls II Movie Online Long Flat Balls II movie download. Cast : (in credits order) , Jan Edgar Fjell as Edgar , Frode Lie as Freddy , Kai Helge Hansen as. . In... IMDb - Long Flat Balls II (2008) Director: Harald Zwart